What To Pack For Your Summer Holiday?


Summer is here at last. The time we all anxiously await every year, craving the long summer nights, family barbecues and the holidays we book up months in advance whilst we ponder over our calendar counting down the days for it's arrival.

But then suddenly it's a week away and the daunting task of packing comes upon us. If you're anything like me you look through your wardrobe and make a reason to take literally ever summer outfit you own, because there is always a reason in your head as to why it may become useful and why your Holiday could become a fashion disaster if it's not there. But we have to scratch this mentality, in a world where minimalism is becoming the latest fashion methodology that is taking the fashion industry by storm - we need to apply this to our packing techniques, so I'm going to help us all by giving you the essential packing list, that will make your summer holiday packing simple and enjoyable.


Less is always more



Ok a pretty obvious starter, unless you're into going commando (hats off to you). When picking underwear for your holiday make sure you're ticking off this list:


Comfort , Sex Appeal and Period Panties

For day to day on your holiday you will want your most comfortable underwear, make sure to match a bra with each pair of knickers so that your ratio is the same (it makes things quicker). Comfortable underwear is a must in the heat, cotton being the preferable choice because a sweaty bum isn't sexy.

Sex Appeal underwear is for when you're off on those memorable nights out, wearing your favourite dress and heels. Sexy underwear isn't just for the man in your life (although I'm sure he won't dispute it) it's for you to feel empowered by your body, and sensuous. So when choosing your Sex Appeal underwear check out these beauties from our range:



Period Panties is a given. We all own granny panties that are well worn in and used every month to avoid ruining our more expensive undies. Plus they are comfortable, and when you're feeling bloated and about as sexy as a whale - how you look is of no importance! Pass us the Ben & Jerry's please.





The best way to approach daywear is to think of what kind of activities you will be doing on this holiday. If it's a beach holiday then stick to ⅔ Long maxi dresses and ⅔ Shorts & Tshirts duo’s. Choose neutral colours that you can dress up with accessories, because this way you can mix and match your clothing easily without clashing.


If your holiday is going to involve long days out discovering the country you're visiting, I suggest taking long sleeve tops made of linen to keep you cool and protect you from the sun. Match them with maxi skirts, or trousers for a comfortable stylish ensemble. Again keep to neutral colours so you can mix and match your clothes. 


Night Time

Night time wear is probably the hardest choice for most of us. Because this is the main focus of the day for most holiday goers and is when you return from your day looking sun kissed and fresh from your shower.

Take 3 dresses and two trouser and top duo’s. If you need to wash them you can but more than likely this will do you just fine. Mix the dresses up by taking one Bodycon Dress, one Blouson Dress and one T Shirt dress. All can be dressed up with heels, or for a more causal nighttime look dressed down with flats. 


For the trouser and top duo go with culottes and a off the shoulder top or a Co-ord matching set for a super chic style for those unforgettable summer nights!






The most vital component of your packing that will pull all of your outfits together and transform you into the Fashionista of the holiday!

Shoes - Bring one pair of flip flops (I'm a fan of havaianas, they are stylish and well made - and will last you for a few years of holidays!), two pairs of heels (one black, one nude) and one pair of flats (gladiator sandals, or summer trainers).


Bags - Bring one large tote back for the travelling days and beach days and then one smaller bag ( a clutch bag will do in a neutral colour so as to be matched with everything, you can never go wrong with black) that can be used for nights out.


Accessories - Statement jewellery is a must! Pack your favourite statement necklace, stacking rings, boho chic earrings and some studs for the daytime and you will be holiday style ready! Don't forget to include a beautiful summer hat to keep your face away from those aging UV Botox enticing rays and your trendy sunglasses that will complete any look!


Now you're all packed and ready to tackle your hand luggage - stay tuned for hand luggage packing tips up on the blog soon!


Until next week,


Flawed Fabulously


How To Perfect The Minimalistic Fashion Trend

When we talk about trends that never go out of style, minimalism is definitely one of them. Why? Because everybody loves from time to time to go back to the most simple shapes, clean lines and functionality. So, are you wondering how the minimalist fashion style works? I guess the basic rule is this: you pick one powerful fashion item and let it pop against something simple and basic.

The fact is that these types of clothes are not seeking any kind of attention, which is why they are beautiful. If you want your minimalist fashion style to be a successful one, then you should stay near the following colours and tones: black, navy, white, camel and khaki. And if these minimalist pieces are made of luxurious textiles, then the result is an elegant effect.


Do not exaggerate with accessories! They are not needed here. Just keep it as simple as possible.


The Minimalist Fashion Style


What Does It Look Like?

Let’s check it out. My first choice of colours regarding the minimalist fashion style is white. I love white because it’s so pure and makes you look innocent, but also because it’s very elegant, sophisticated and doesn’t look great on everybody. You have to have a certain attitude to wear it. 


I find this simple, white blouse to be very stylish. As you can see, it looks great with jeans – it gives a casual feel. You can go in the more casual-smart direction by combining it with a pair of more elegant trousers, maybe black ones or even nude. It will totally change your look and make a true minimalist statement. I wouldn’t add any necklaces. Maybe a pair of pearl earrings or some rings. For the sports minimalist fashion style, combine it with a pair of sneakers. 


Because culottes are the new thing, check out how beautiful this minimalist look is. White culottes are simply divine and combined with a simple black crop top they really put an accent on your waist. 


And if you were thinking how a white minimalist dress looks like, well there you go. You can’t get more minimalist than that. Pure perfection!

For a sexy white minimalistic underwear look to match check out our Caroline Bra Set below.




Going on to the next colour, you’ll see that this one is the most comfortable one and also the most classic one: black. We’ve been wearing black since centuries and it’s considered the supreme one, the one you can wear everywhere, on every occasion, from a gym session to the Oscars (if you’re that lucky). Black makes you look sophisticated and mature. It also goes well with every fashion style trend. 


A cool and relaxed minimalist outfit: oversized jumpsuit and sneakers. Who said sportswear and minimalism don’t go well together?

Here’s another minimalist fashion all-black outfit, which I can honestly say I love. It’s casual but also trendy due to the stylish brogues. I would definitely wear this type of outfit. 


For a sleek and sophisticated black underwear ensemble go with our Yani Bra Set below. 


Camel and nude are two colours that fastly became my favorite especially because they are natural tones which can be combined with everything without risking a major fashion failure. They are safe colours that also bring a touch of elegance. 


When I think of camel or nude, the first thing that pops in my head is the camel coat. It’s the perfect way to show that minimalism is your thing. I think this slightly oversized camel coat takes the center of attention when it comes to your outfit. It doesn’t even matter what you’re wearing underneath. It’s all about camel! 


As you can see, you CAN go elegant in a minimalist nude dress. And ladies, NO accessories are needed, maybe one or two that look really invisible. The dress has a simple shape and clean lines. Add a pair of simple heels or sandals and you’re ready to go.

For a nude/black stunning lingerie to match go with our Sandy Babydoll Dress below. 


Another colour that, in my opinion, is representative for the minimalist fashion style is khaki. When I look at something khaki, all I see is an immensity of something. I think it’s an expansive color. That’s why I think that it can represent minimalism so well. 


White and Khaki - make for a fabulous minimalist outfit. For the best result of this style, I would definitely choose a pair of sneakers, maybe white ones. Another outfit that looks effortlessly chic. 

I don’t know about you and how you feel about minimalism. I, for one, think it’s surprisingly awesome that it never goes out of style and brings us new accents year after year. And for that elegant look that we all want to get, minimalism is the choice every single time. So take it! Simple and clean cuts and lines are here to stay! 

A true fashion statement: Less Is More!


Until next week, 

Flawed Fabulously

Welcome Fashionista

Welcome Fashionista!


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